Oral Tumor Treatment

What is Oral Tumor Treatment?

The oral and the upper part of the throat (pharynx) have roles in many important functions, including breathing, talking, chewing and swallowing. For mouth or oropharyngeal tumor have one type of treatment or a combination of treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. There is details information about oral tumor treatment:

    • Surgery

Surgery is most common treatment for oral tumor. The surgery is depending on the size and the depth of the tumor when it is found. It also depends on whether there is a risk that the tumor has spread into lymph nodes around mouth or in neck.

Neck dissection is also sometimes done for people with no signs of tumor in the lymph nodes. This is because the size of tumor is larger than 4mm. The aim of this treatment is to get rid of any remaining tumor cells, and lower the chance of the tumor coming back in the lymph nodes.

    • Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy treatment used to treat some types of mouth and oropharyngeal tumor that have not spread. The aims of this treatment are to kill off any tumor cells that might have been left behind. Usually, doctor may recommend radiotherapy after make a surgery. For advanced tumor, radiotherapy may be combined with chemotherapy for people whose tumor has spread into surrounding areas.

    • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy usually occurs if the tumor has come back after surgery and radiotherapy. This treatment also to treat a mouth and oropharyngeal tumor which locally advanceds or has spreads to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy may be combined with radiotherapy and is called chemoradiation. For some people this may get rid of the tumor completely.

    • Biological therapy

Biological therapies are treatment made from naturally occurring body substances or that affect how tumor cells divide and grow. A biological therapy called cetuximab is used for some mouth and oropharyngeal tumor. It may be used alongside radiotherapy for locally advanced squamous mouth or oropharyngeal tumor. Other than that, it is also used in clinical trials in combination with platinum based chemotherapy or radiotherapy.



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